Version 2.4.0


  • Acrylic design (only available in Windows 10 version 16299.0 or higher)
  • French language
  • Czech language


  • "UNKNOWN ERROR [BSSID]", which is a very rare error caused by Windows 10 and does not let me access the BSSID (MAC-Address) of the connected network, doesn't block the app anymore so it is at least usable now. When the error occurs it just uses only the SSID instead of the BSSID to find the correct connected network from the scan (with a notice to tell the user it could show the wrong network as connected because of this). You can find out more about it in this "Connecting to networks tutorial".
  • Beeper tone to be more accurate in the lower dBm values.
  • Live-Tile does now show the "not encrypted" symbol when the connection is not encrypted.


  • The helper links have been changed and work correctly again.
  • Network-Encryption-Icon will update now when the encryption changed after the network was found.