Version 2.2.0


  • Polish translation
  • Wi-Fi adapter can now be chosen (replaces the primary/secondary switch).
  • Rotation-Lock orientation can now be chosen (e.g. Portrait, Landscape, ..), this is a PRO feature and only works if the rotation is been triggered by the sensors (maybe you have also to enable tablet mode on Windows 10).
  • CommandBar-Buttons have now the text besides the icon in case the width of the windows is wide enough. This only works with the "Anniversary Update" version 14393.x or newer.


  • The hotkeys are now only be shown if you have a keyboard connected.


  • UI is now better usable with Text-Scaling enabled.
  • The Num-Block numbers 1-3 are now also working as hotkeys (if the Num-Block is enabled of course).
  • Various other fixes including reliability.