Version 2.1.11


  • Russian translation


  • The connected network should be always shown correctly now (Yes, I finally found a solution to this problem, so no more SSID warning box from now on). It should just work now, including roaming through your repeater network.
  • I changed the default color theme from "Accent" to "Complementary" (only affects new installations or in case you reset the app). The new "Complementary" color is the darker blue color tone from Windows 10.
  • The Bandwidth in networks is been removed now because I can not detect it anyway and now you can see the more important information also on smaller screens.
  • A little tweak to the UI, so the "dBm" bars are a little bit longer on larger screens.


  • Rating does not count networks with the same SSID on the same channel as your connected network anymore because these are most likely part of your repeater setup and should considered friendly.
  • New Mac-Address manufacturer service (because the old one is offline for some reason).
  • Color theme changes should now be applied to all elements incl. the panes (requires an app restart).