Version 2.1.0


  • Tutorials which you'll find a link in the app ("About & help") or here.
  • Explanations of errors/problems via URL-Link which point to the correct part within my tutorials.
  • Spanish translation
  • Japanese translation
  • "No networks found" will be displayed below the spinning circle at startup/resuming in case there are no networks found.


  • Performance (including faster app launch)
  • The speed meter/beeper could eventually respond faster but this heavily depends on the hardware too. (I decoupled it from the rest of the Dashboard so it updates as soon as I get the data now)
  • Secondary adapter should now work without the primary one being enabled (more details in my tutorial "Settings explained")
  • Updated FAQ


  • The tooltip for "Send mail" now works again, in case you need the mail address.
  • The spinning circle disappears more accurately when the UI has been updated and will now appear again in case of some problem where the UI would not change otherwise (like mobile hotspot turned on).
  • The channel counter now works on the connected channel too.
  • Various little fixes to the UI.