Version 1.7.25


  • Dutch & Turkish translation
  • Language selector (language you want to use has to be installed on the system, please check the FAQ for more information).
  • IP-Address & Subnet on the dashboard.
  • If the rating pane is minimized you now have the recommended channel marked in the graph (can be disabled in the View-Button).
  • Network count per channel added on the graph (disabled by default -> View-Button).
  • While looking on a band while connected to the other, you now have a little indicator for this (because the rating does not work in this case).


  • App start improvements (less splash screen but more accurate spinning circle), so you see better what the app is currently doing.
  • You now see your current channel highlighted in the rating pane (this way it is easier to see how much it could be improved).
  • The error message for the bandwidth mentions now the FAQ (there is nothing I can do about this, I need Microsoft to add the API's to the platform first).
  • The manufacturer is enabled by default now and the setting is been removed (it will only download if your data-plan allows it -> presuming Microsofts implementation works correctly ;) ).
  • Attempt of better color distinction (I don't simply use a list with different colors, so the same network has always the same color)


  • Frequency format will now be always 4 digits (5.200 GHz instead of 5.2 GHz).
  • You should not be able to connect to an OUT OF RANGE network anymore.
  • The Region-Pane is more responsive at the first app launch now (it also should not disappear automatically anymore).
  • When changing to the network tab, the view should refresh faster now (depends on the performance of your device ;) )
  • Better stability