Version 1.6.2 (End of preview)


  • For those of you who need more languages, I have good news too: The most requested Chinese Simplified & Italian will be among the next I will add in the coming weeks.


  • Link-speed functionality (but it doesn't work on all devices or adapters, sadly it seems all the Lumias with Snapdragon S4 don't support it).
  • Russian region and updated channel list.
  • You now see the frequency (range) and bandwidth for the channels (but there are no API's to detect the channel bandwidth correctly, hopefully MS will add them at some point).


  • Unused channel numbers always visible if there is enough space (otherwise they will be hidden)
  • Frequency button moved to the view button (eye) in analyze.
  • Network detail improvements


  • Improved German translation
  • Triad & complementary colors slightly improved