Version 1.5.11


  • If all goes well, the next version will end the preview.


  • Improved English wording across the app.
  • German language (this is only the first, others will follow as soon as they are ready)
  • Title-Bar has the same color as navigation bar now.
  • Connecting to networks within the app.
  • Ability to force the display to stay on (Toggle-Switch in settings)
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Hotkeys)
  • Mouse hover effect on tabs.


  • The graph length can now be extended up to 300 sec (5 min)
  • The SSID-Warning can be turned off now (Toggle-Switch in settings)
  • Performance while Tab-Presses
  • Panes are now always dark (e.g. filters, settings)


  • Dashboard overlapping status works now correct if your connected network band & the band of the graph view is different.
  • Fix of various visual glitches.
  • Some crash related fixes.