Version 1.4.1


  • Dashboard & "Info" button
  • New App-Icon (the old one was only a placeholder)
  • Info bar in case there is more than one network with the same SSID than you're device is connected too (this could help with repeaters)
  • Status-Bar now the same color as Navigation-Bar and hides in Landscape (mobile only)
  • Moved some settings into the new "Eye" icon to make them more accessible (replaces the "ID-Card" icon)
  • Option to minimize/show the rating pane directly via button on it
  • The light or dark theme will now automatically applied with your device setting (resets the previous setting you made)
  • "Back-Button" now closes the rating pane
  • "About" page (includes changelog link)
  • Simple encryption (e.g. WPA2) to "Connected" tab


  • Navigation-Bar (e.g. new icons, color in light theme)
  • Connected network design now on par with the "Dashboard"
  • Icons in the Command-Bar improved and now the same size with the rest of the OS (scaling is much better now)
  • "Rate" moved into the new "Rate & feedback" page
  • FAQ moved to my website (out of the app)
  • "Changelog" moved to my website (out of the app) and only a simple message box will be shown from now on
  • Color preview in settings are now squares instead of circles


  • The flicker of the connected icon on the graph is gone
  • The Counter displays "0" if there are no networks found now
  • Various fixes (including some which could lead to crashes)