Version 1.3.1


  • Pivot-Control so you can swipe left & right.
  • Colors for found networks.
  • Another representation of channels, more like a trapezoid instead of parabolas.


  • UX for bigger screens.
  • Hidden network label, this "******|HIDDEN" is displayed instead of this "********" (a few found it confusing).


  • In very rare cases the connected network could be another with the same SSID (if you still experience this, please let me know).
  • The frequency view button in settings toggles now the star rating correct.
  • If your network adapter has problems it won't give you the option to "Turn Wifi on" anymore, instead it will tell you to "Close the app" or "Try again", because the app can't in some cases resolve this. It could be a problem with your system or adapter!